The source of the fall is the Deniyaya Gongala mountain range and the stream flows on to the Ginganga River at Pallegama. Hathmale Falls (45m high and 10m wide) is the tallest fall in the Ginganga River and is split into seven segments (‘hathmala’). It is popular with both local and foreign visitors though sadly its popularity has had a negative effect on the environment, with plastic and polythene litter being left at the site.

Hathmale fall is located about 8km from the Deniyaya Town. Just as you pass the main city centre of Deniyaya, turn left on to the Deniyaya – Pallegama Road. Travel about 7 km down this road. These is no sign board to the falls so look for Hathmale Ella Road sign board in the right hand side which is just before the Pallegama Bridge. Travel about 1km on this road and it will abruptly end in somebodys garden. The road is badly maintained but it is motorable upto this point. This road actually continues through this garden but to proceed form here you will need a 4 wheel drive ( you will not actually use it) or a vehicle with high ground clearance. Walk or drive about 250m on this road and then you need to climb down a steep hill to view the falls.