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 Village Tour
Sri Lanka

Wondering about what to do in Hambantota, Sri Lanka? Experience the rural life of Sri Lanka and explore the unique and historical sites around Hambantota.

Cruise Ship Special

Hambantota has got very popular for cruise ship travellers since the opening of the Hambantota Port. We have specially designed this tour for 1 Day stop overs.


1. Karabagala Aranya Senasanaya

Karambagala Forest Retreat is in the Suriyawewa Divisional Secretariat. It is believed to be the Bilivana Vihara identified in the inscription of King Sri Meghavanna (303-331AD). The temple is also named Karandulena owing to its appearance as a relic casket when viewed from a distance.
A number of caves with Brahmi inscriptions have been discovered from the area and some of them had undergone changes and acquired new features during the present time as a result of human intervention to improve their appearance. The cave known as Kurundaka mentioned in the Visuddhimagga where a thera by name Cittagutta had resided in it for sixty years, oblivious of the existence of the painting, is believed to be in this site. The cave that could be assumed to be this same cave is having the remnants of a work of art painted in red on a layer of mortar. 

Travel time: 30min


2. Rural Village Tour

Traveling by Safari Jeep into the Sri Lankan countryside experience Sri Lankan rural life with this Village Tour. Spend time with the villagers and understand their lifestyles. You will have a quick walk around the village while your guide tells you more about village life. You will see longside paddy fields and rural vegetable plantations to a traditional village houses here.

Travel time: 30min


3. Walawe Dam - Liyangastota

The Walawe basin nestling in the part of the Ratnapura, Hambantota and Moneragala districts is adorned with many tourist attractions. Among them, the most popular attractions are the Uda Walawe reservoir and its adjoining Udawalawe National Park.
The water level of the reservoir is controlled by the five tainter gate spillways located at the eastern end of the dam, with two additional spillways located more towards to the centre of the dam. The reservoir measures approximately 8.6 km (5.3 mi) in length, with a maximum perpendicular width of 7 km (4.3 mi)

Travel time: 30min


4. Madunagala Hot Water Springs

Madunagala Hot Water Springs lie among vast paddy fields between Sooriyawawe and Ridiyagama, Today this hot water well is one of the most popular destinations for the pilgrims to the South. The spring was first recorded by Leonard Woolf, Assistant Government Agent of Hambanthota (1908-11) in his diaries recording the haphazard journey through wild animal infested jungles and boat rides to reach the hot spring where he had taken sample to be analysed.
In 2000’s this spring was identified to be developed in to a major tourist attraction. Today four wells have been built surrounding the main spring with varying degrees of temperature. The area is now landscaped and separate changing rooms and toilets for two sexes also has been built. A play area, a mini zoo and a aquarium has also been built for the children.

Travel time: 30min


5. Ramba Rajamaha Viharaya

Ramba Rajamaha Viharaya in Ruhuna is located on the bank of the Walawe Ganga, in the village of Udarata on the Nonagama-Ratnapura Road. It is about 12.8 km from Ambalantota.
Maha Nagakula was the capital of ancient Sri Lanka in the 11th century AD. There had been an advanced civilization in the area. A large number of artifacts which had been found following research explorations conducted by scholars during the dry season had proved this fact. The venue itself is unique as there had been an ancient international harbour at Godawaya.

Travel time: 30min


6. Ussangoda National Park

Ussangoda National Park is the most recently established National Park owing to its biological, archaeological and geographical value. It is comparatively small for a park, spreading only 349 hectares (1.35 sq mi). Situated within the turtle breeding zone, the Kalametiya Wildlife Sanctuary, another famous landmark, lies on its western border.
Getting back to the speculation about Ussangoda, the scientific school of thought is that the site is that of a meteor strike that happened ages ago, probably during the prehistoric era. To the laymen, the red brick-like soil, which is unique to the area, does resemble intensely scorched earth. Another clue would be the red lumps scattered here and there that could very well be the remains of a  ”petrified” forest. Although scientific testing is yet to be done, the soil here is supposed to be extremely rich in minerals.  The red color comes from the ferric oxide which is abundant in the area. Breaking apart a rock shows distinct layers of colors within a cross section.

Travel time: 30min


Cruise Special Tour

1 Day Tour for 6 destinations around the Hambantota area on a luxury AC mini coach & 4x4 Jeep Side open canopy especially fixed seats with stay by step by step method.

US$ 50
per person

Whats Included

  • ENTRANCE TICKETS - Entrance Fees and Tickets are included with this package
  • TRANSPORT - A 4x4 Safari Jeep is provided with open view. Pick up and drop off is also included.
  • GUIDE - An English speaking guide will be provided to explain about the places of interest

Please wear a suitable attire for the temple tours unlike shorts or revealing clothing. Also if you would like to have a bath in the Hot Water Wells you may bring a towel and other bathing accessories along. 

Payments by Cash

We accept payments in Cash by US Dollars or equallent in Local Currency.

Credit Card Payments

We accept MasterCard payments. However taxes may apply if you choose to pay by this method.

Special Discounts 

Special group discounts are available for 4 to 6 people.

Pick up and Drop off

Our driver will page you at the entrance of the Port Gate. There are shuttle buses leaving every 15min from the Port to the entrace gate from the Ship. Once the tour finishes we will drop you off at the entrance to the Port where you will be taken back to the Ship.


Pick up from the entrance gate is 8.30am-9.00am

Drop off is around 5.30pm-6.00pm

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